Children’s Garden, Wellington Botanic Garden – David Sole

At last – the Children’s Garden, a living classroom, will soon begin to grow in the Wellington Botanic Garden.


The Children’s Garden will tell the story to children and families of our dependence on plants. Around the world, people directly or indirectly depend on plants for food, medicines, fibre and construction.

The Garden will encourage exploration of plant services through interactive, hands on activities. We guarantee children will get their hands dirty! They will be growing plants, harvesting, processing, building huts, tasting kawakawa tea, and they will learn what a precious resource fresh water is to the planet. They will start to understand their breakfast muesli comes from plants and not off the supermarket shelves, that dyes can be made from flowers leaves, bark and roots and learn of the medicinal properties of herbs.

Children visiting this garden will be horticulturists, botanists and scientists for a day!


Families visiting the garden will be able to independently learn and explore before heading to other places in the Botanic Garden for further play and picnics.

Children are the future of our sustainable cities. Sowing the seed of healthy green environments and the understanding and respect for our food sources, our plant medicines (many still undiscovered), plants for timber, furniture and construction and natural fibers for fabrics is our mission.

No plants – no life!

To find out how you can help grow our Children’s Garden go to


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