How to Sell Our Biggest Asset: Wellington – David Perks, CEO, Positively Wellington Tourism

Wellington. Packed with creators, thinkers, dreamers, doers and lovers of life – we live here and we love it!

But how do we tell the Wellington Story to those that don’t? It’s the role of Positively Wellington Tourism to do just that and it starts with our city’s brand essence: The place of possible.

So how did we get here?

Research showed us that Wellingtonians were our biggest advocates when selling our city. By focussing on why Wellington was a good place to live and what Wellington does well, we were able to play on our strengths in an exciting digital environment.


After exploring what makes Wellington a special place to residents, 6 core values were defined:

  • Act like a city, love like a village
  • Open to anything and everything
  • Passionate about work, wild about play
  • Together things happen
  • Well proud
  • Consider it done.

A brand personality was also identified – confident, youthful, vibrant, creative, energetic, doer
and inspiring. Combining these created the idea that anything is possible when you live in Wellington.

Our next step was focussing on our media channel. For Wellington, digital content is key so marketing focussed on a digital platform with social media playing an important part.

Converting people locally and influencing others early on through the website meant the Wellington story was being told through personal experience and importantly, personal validation.

So what does this mean for Nature Connection partners?

Focus on what you are and what you do. Know your audience. Ensure key content is on your online channel. Take advantage of Wellington’s voice. And finally, use Nature Connections to help you to create a high quality seamless nature visitor experience together that sets Wellington apart.

Our region’s easy transitions between vibrant cities and accessible nature spaces make it a unique place to live, work and play. As Wellingtonians we should be loud and proud about the work we’re doing to preserve and celebrate the region’s native species. Sharing those amazing stories with
our visitors and our potential visitors will benefit us all. The Nature Connections partnership is best-placed to lead such an initiative, ensuring that our inspiring nature stories are one of Wellington’s
biggest draw cards, and that our passion, purpose and achievements shine through. Consider it done.


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